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Story Collider Podcast: A Magical Night

Kainaat CEO Salman Hameed shares his story about how, growing up in Pakistan, he fell in love with the mysteries of the universe when he stumbled upon Carl Sagan’s Cosmos.


Inspiring the Sagans of Tomorrow

It is no exaggeration to say that the award-winning TV series Cosmos made science and astronomy household names around the world. Created in the 1980s by the celebrated American astronomer and science popularizer, Carl Sagan, the show influenced a whole generation of scientists.


OAD Project Releases First Astronomy Kids Video in Urdu

Kainaat Kids, which produces astronomy videos in Urdu aimed at kids 10-16 years, released its first video last week. The videos will cover basic concepts of the science of astronomy, many of which are part of the science curriculum in Pakistan (and other places).


The “Bill Nye The Science Guy” of Pakistan?

Mr. Universe, Hampshire College astronomer Dr. Salman Hameed, has been moonlighting (pun intended) as a television host in Pakistan? Learn about Kainaat Kids and learn a little Urdu, too.

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