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Kainaat Kids by Kainaat Astronomy in Urdu

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These are astronomy videos in Urdu aimed at kids 10-16 years of age, but we hope others will enjoy as well.
[Urdu] Neutron Stars and Black Holes | Kainaat Kids
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Pakistan's Teleschool

In response to Covid-19 school closures, Pakistan launched an education channel for under privileged students in April 2020. It is currently serving free education content to millions of children who don't have access to broadband internet.


Kainaat on Teleschool

Some of Kainaat Studio videos are already part of Teleschool for grades VI, VII, and VIII. These include topics such as the formation of the Solar System, the life and death of stars, and the origins of the universe.


New Videos for Teleschool

Kainaat is collaborating with Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science (PAMS) and Science Fuse to create high-quality astronomy and space related content specifically for Teleschool students.

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